Friday, May 14, 2010

New addition to the family...the soggy bib!

Well, life has been wonderful lately! Baby is starting to do things that 'babies' do! She is no longer a 'newborn'! I am both happy and sad about this. It's so cool to see her grow up and discover different objects around her or ON her! But at the same time, I miss that little baby that would fall asleep on you without putting up a fight! We are still so blessed and love to be able to share her growing up with all our friends and family through this blog!

So! Nathan and I just purchased new phones (buy one get one free!!!) and the camera on it is great! So I've been taking pictures like crazy the past couple days! So here they are!!

She's starting to sit up by herself!

Not sure if she is teething yet but it kind of seems like it. She loved this teether thing! When I would take it away, she would wiggle like crazy till I gave it back to her!

This picture was pre-bath! That's why she's looking kinda rough but cute!

And drooling like crazy!

Daddy and baby!

Notice the bib! We can't leave the house without one or a change of clothes!

Anything that comes near her mouth! Just too cute!

First time in a while that daddy gave her a bath! She loved it!

Since her hair has been growing, it's getting more curls! So, after her bath, we didn't brush her hair and this is how it turned out!

At the Bilik's for dinner. Miss Molly was so proud to be able to hold baby!

We were at group and cleaning the activity center. Laura always puts her baby in her thing like this so I thought it would be nice for my baby to ride around in one too! She ended up falling asleep by the time we were done!

Today was a warm enough day to finally wear this outfit! But I'm pretty sure at this point, she had poop though her outfit and this was this morning at 8am!...happens too often!

She's going through this phase of screaming on the top of her lungs! It's extremely high pitch! It's so stinkin cute!


  1. that's a nice camera on the phone! keep the pics comin :)

  2. haha! Sadie does the screaming thing too! It's just kind of been the past couple days. It sounds like it would hurt her throat! But, she keeps doing it! It is so funny!

  3. I just love the Loyola family! Especially baby! : )